Dear YOU…

I dont know why….

I feel so mellow tonite. I just look back.. How God give me too many surprises. In 6th month latest, there’s so many new scene in my life. Start from being single again after all the stories… Being hectic till drop me to UGD… Close with someone that i never think before. And then close with somebody just in text and call but very often. But every scene was gone so fast. And give me too many colours and give a story to write but i never did.
And now… I think i get a new scene in my life… But i meet a partner from the past.

God… Maybe im already back to You in too many time. And now i will send You a letter.. Wishing you give me someone to live with.. Wishing for a power to face it if i have to stand alone again and again…

Dear God…
Now im back to You…
To put a hope again.. Wishing for a new light.. I think now and next i need someone to standing right beside me and hold my hand to thru all the scene in this life.

I know You always read every letter i send to You… And i know you will always send me a reply. Hope i’ll get the answer soon. Amiin…



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